The Seventh Day 5-DVD Set

Hal Holbrook hosts this television documentary that traces the history of the Sabbath through the ages and around the world. This thoroughly documented series features interviews with over 50 experts, classical art, animations, and dramatic reenactments.
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This fascinating documentary series spotlights the ages-long controversy over the Bibliceal day of worship -- the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments. It's a story that spans thousands of years and links key evidence from around the world:
  • From the cool green hills of St. Patrick's Ireland to the steaming South American jungle;
  • From the massacre of a thousand Jews in the Palestine desert to the bloody Taiping Revolution in 19th-century China;
  • From the divisive heresies of the early Christian era to the fiery executions of "heretics" in Red Square.
Hal Holbrook hosts this remarkable expose, supported by the testimony of more than fifty historians and theologians with Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants, and Jewish perspectives. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, Which day is the Christian Sabbath? Sunday? Or is it Saturday? Did Jesus authorize the change of the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first day? Did His disciples do it?

In The Seventh Day, host Hal Holbrook takes viewers back across the centuries to uncover the history of the Sabbath. This five-part documentary video series traces the evidence of ancient records as found in the archives and libraries of international scholarship.

The story of the change of the Sabbath is enriched by the testimony of fifty historians and theologians from around the world. Together they provide a careful exposé of the epic battle over the biblical Sabbath.

The Seventh Day, which is available in a five-DVD set, illuminates the heroic struggle for religious liberty, fought through long centuries of inquisition and repression. It offers a surprising look at history that raises new questions about the rhythm of life here in the 21st century – and beyond.

Have you ever wondered why one of the Ten Commandments seems null and void – notably the one calling on believers to observe the Sabbath?

Ask your pastor or priest and you will probably hear it's because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday – which is not even a certainty if you read the Bible carefully.

And then there's the little problem of this switch of worship days not being mentioned in the Bible – and the historical fact that most Christians continued observing the Sabbath for hundreds of years after Jesus rose from the dead.

Some of what you will find is nothing short of shocking for Christians who take Sunday worship for granted.


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