The Mormon Dilemma Book

The dramatic story of a Mormon couple's encounter with Truth.
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The dramatic story of a Mormon couple's encounter with Truth.
In this dramatized account of an experience familiar to many people who have Mormon acquaintances, the difference between Mormonism and biblical Christianity is clearly presented. The conversation between the Lindseys and Jim sheds light on the basic tenets of Mormonism and the countering truths of the Bible. As an ex-Mormon, author Ed Decker demonstrates a special sensitivity to the very real need Mormons have to hear the truth presented in a straightforward but loving way. The Mormon Dilemma is a docudrama adapted from the video film of the same title.
Ted and Lorri Lindsey, active Mormons, discover that the film "The God Makers" is being shown in their town. To make matters worse, their good friend and neighbor, Jim Stamper, a member of the Christian church where the film is to be shown. In their frustration and anger over what they see as an attack against their faith, the Lindseys confront Jim. The confrontation ends in an evening of dialogue and discovery for both the Lindseys and Jim Stamper.

Ed Decker spent 19 years in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was a member of The Melchizedek Priesthood, a Temple Mormon, and active in may church positions. Ed is now the International Director of Saints Alive/ Ex-Mormons for Jesus and co-author of the best-selling expose' on Mormonism, The Godmakers.
127 pages.
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