Pagan Invasion Series Complete DVD BoxSet

Examines paganism from Halloween, evolution, meditation, to Satanism. 13 programs on 7 discs.
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The Pagan Invasion series has exciting footage from around the world, capturing on tape real druid ceremonies shot in Stonehenge and many other bizarre and surreal rituals. With topics on Mormonism, Witchcraft, paganism, cults, the occult, satanism, halloween, yoga, meditation, channeling, freemasonry and others.

Explosive series with over 280 minutes of exclusive footage!

Halloween: Trick or Treat?
All the seemingly innocent symbolism of Halloween - black cats, snakes, broomsticks, bonfires, "trick or treat," jack-o'-lanterns, apple dunking and costumes - has its roots in Sorcery, Witchcraft and Satanism. Parents' responsibilities are challenged to decide whether to allow their children to participate in celebrations which glorigy Pagan Occultism.

Invasion of the Godmen
This DVD examines eastern thought and its spawning in the West.

East Seduces the West.
Analyzes many psychotherapies -- are they forms of black magic?

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