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A heartfelt and entertaining drama about a tired old man and 3 runaway children.
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A moving drama about depressed and hopeless Gordon Trout (Landau in an outstanding performance) who is about to end it all. Fate intervenes in the form of 3 homeless teenagers who need a ride home from the mall, where Gordon has just purchased a firearm in preparation for his suicide attempt.
Without a place to spend the night, the teens hitch a ride with Landau "Fish Man" who is less suspicious than annoyed by the teens. By the time Gordon catches on to the teens' flimsy plan to head south, he's been "kidnapped" and becomes a passenger for the duration of the trip. Jodi, the most insightful and compassionate of the three teens elicits empathy from Gordon and despite his attempts to notify police of his "kidnapping", Gordon is powerless to stop the journey. Along the way, Gordon finds meaning and purpose without any cheesy or touching displays of emotion from any of the aforementioned characters and looks 15 years younger than he did at the beginning of the film. A great movie for young teenagers and parents to watch together.
It's Christmas in Seattle and Gordon Trout (MARTIN LANDAU) has come to the end of his rope for the second time. Having rebuilt his life after a shady business partner ruined him, and overcoming an earlier suicide attempt, he has never regained his confidence or joy of living. Now his wife, Barbara, has gone off on a cruise to Acupulco.Unable to summon up the energy to join her, Gordon buys a gun at the mall to end it all. Life is just as desperate for Crystal (HEATHER McCOMB), Cam (SHAWN HATOSY), and Jody (ELIZABETH MOSS), three runaways living on the streets. A gang of teen thugs has firebombed the abondoned car they call home, and Crystal can never return to the foster family she was living with because she sliced her foster father with a razor.These unlikely parties collide in the mall parking lot when Jodi convinces Gordon to give them a ride home in his old, but pristine Cadillac. Gordon soon discovers these kids have no home and that he's in for the ride of his life....
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