Behold A Pale Horse DVD

Country star Charlie Daniels hosts this incredible film, the first of a trilogy, to explain the very real threat of the coming New World Order, the role of the UN, the loss of sovereignty of the US and where this administration is "leading" us. A must-see.
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America's Last Chance.

Looming world government, a world "elite", the UN... loss of American sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on the hill" dims. Dissecting America under judgement, such Patriots as Lieutenant General William Boykin, Elena Chitta, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Jim Marrs, Dr. Stan Monteith, Joel Skousen and Gerald Celente, join Charlie Daniels in a primer for the uninitiated on The New World Order and Biblical perspective. A global feudal police state unfolds. We were born for such a time as this! Be a part of the solution. Freedom depends on it.

  • Charlie Daniels Country music legend,
  • Mark Collins as George Washington
  • Lieutenant General William Boykin

102 Minutes.

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